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In the current global and diverse world, doing business has become an enterprise that involves regulations, practices and standards from different jurisdictions and markets. Any business decision has to be taken considering the strong economic impact that different regulations bring with themselves – Law and Economics have emerged into one world. Markets are more open every day, with regulators trying to catch up at a fast pace. This means more than ever that business plans, as well as day-to- day operations, must be developed with attention to regulatory frameworks encompassing all the different markets where strong economic presence is intended. Compliance has become key, having not only a legal, but also an economic and financial impact.




Roberto Cruz Figueroa García (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México ’09, Boston School of Law LLM ’13)  focused his LLM studies on International Business Practice. He has deep knowledge of Regulation analysis, Regulatory Reform, Competitiveness, Antitrust, as well as labor-related issues both on individual and collective scale.

Diógenes Cruz Figueroa García (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México ’15) studied Law and in Economics. He has worked doing market studies and sector analysis using legal and economic tools. He has deep knowledge of Industrial Organization, Regulation analysis, Antitrust and Proyect and Programme Evaluation.